Ervin Omsk – Promo

Ervin Omsk is a pseudonym of Germany based musician and visual artist Sven Fritz.

His music is based on a spatial approach, using oscillators, percussion, speech fragments, noise and many other sources to approximate a sense of texture and terrain through sound. Each track forms acoustic and electronic images of varying dimension, expanse and density, ranging from shrubby vegetative miniatures to filaments and voids.

In 2020 US based Orange Milk Records released his debut album Peilen. In spring 2022 the New York based Collective International Winners released an EP entitled Room For 3 People. A second album entitled Schmalster Point will be released by Orange Milk Records in October 2022.

Ervin Omsk is performing live with modular synth, percussion, computer, flute and voice.

Sven Fritz is also performing live as part of the art collective Trickster and together with Julius Bockelt as Superposition.

Schmalster Point
to be released on Orange Milk Records in autumn 2022
Music by Sven Fritz, Artwork by Brenna Murphy

With his second album Schmalster Point Ervin Omsk releases nine tracks, each of which creates a changing environment and its figures in the form of complex compositions.

Biospheres are created from sound-spatial structures, only for the sounds themselves and from their texture, a web with lush openings and many loose threads. Voices denature into the noisy or instrumental, while oscillators sometimes sound cantabile, buzz, moan and clear their throats, percussion and beats cough, crunch and rub like sand.

All this has a tendency towards the unknown. In his music, Omsk creates unexpected spatial figures without a real environment, without an inhabitable atmosphere. The sound takes you in briefly, only to distance itself in the next moment. Associations move constantly in the transition between landscape and figure, between unknown and obvious, between improvisation and arrangement.

Ervin Omsk live @IKLEKTIK, London, 2021

released on Orange Milk Records, 2020

Music by Sven Fritz, Artwork by Keith Rankin

„In Ervin Omsk’s visionary electronic music, notes bend and refract over clacking rhythms, sounds stutter-start, and worlds collide.“ (Bandcamp – New And Notable)

Ervin Omsk @IKLECTIK, London, Photos: Matt Favero

Ervin Omsk @Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt, Photos: Juliane Kutter

Ervin Omsk @Trickster, Leipzig, Photo: Stephan Engelke