Set and Setting III, Lacquer, Surfacer, MDF, 52x42cm, 2014



untitled,  Risograph Print, Woodcut , Collage,  34×23 cm, 2017



Saying, Inkjet Print, 29,7x21cm,  2017



Set and Setting II, Lacquer, Surfacer, MDF, 52x42cm, 2014



Panel, Lacquer, UV-Print, Acrylic, Oil, Wood, 100x70cm, 2015



He is abstract and bored, Lacquer, MDF,  52x42cm, 2014



Arleccino, Acrylic, Inkjet Print, Paper (Collage), 29,7x21cm, 2016



untitled, Lacquer,  paper, Wood,  61x53cm, 2011



Untitled, UV-Print, Lacquer, Wood, 125x80cm, 2016



untitled (right wall),  Lacquer, Wallpaper, 290x260cm, 2013, Exhibition View, Zweite Ordnung, Direktion, Frankfurt/M



untitled, Ink, Inkjetprint, Paper (Collage), 55x40cm, 2013



untitled, Oil, Lacquer, Surfacer, Wood, 52x30cm, 2013




untitled, Oil, Acrylic, Paper, MDF, Wood, Lacquer, 49x43cm, 2012



Loose, Oil, Lacquer, Paper,  Wood, 43,5x35cm, 2012



Set, Oil, Graphit, Paper (Collage), 29,7x21cm, 2011